When Leaders Must Be BLUNT

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How often have you heard someone refer to the necessity for a leader to proceed with a considerable amount of tact, in order to maximize his impact, communication and ability to motivate his constituents? While there are certainly many times when it would be helpful to think before you speak, and realize the power that your words might have (sometimes positive, and other times negative), a true leader consistently realizes that there is often a fine line between comforting and motivating others, versus telling the truth and letting people clearly know and understand what, and why, you see things as you do, and consider it important for them to also buy into your vision. In other words, there are many times, and numerous reasons, that true and effective leaders must be both willing and able to be BLUNT.

1. It is incumbent upon every effective leader to communicate clearly the basis essentials of what he considers the better or best way, by articulating essential information (without bias or prejudgment). There often comes a time when one realizes that the time for pussy – footing around is over, because you have repeated your central message numerous times before, and nothing constructive or significant has been done or achieved.

2. There are times when a leader understands that he has been spinning his wheels, and that the time for action is upon his  โหลดpussy888  group, and needs to push more because he views this as a possible last chance to proceed. True leadership requires a willingness to stand up and let others know what is needed, and get them to understand and learn now some additional information that hopefully will produce proactivity.

3. Sometimes there are circumstances or conditions that a leader might consider unusual and/ or urgent. There are times to be gentle, and other times to be far more forceful!

4. If you are going to lead, you will realize that some things are higher priority than others, and that those that are more needed or necessary, must be prioritized and acted upon in a timely manner. At times, there is simply no nice way to say it!

5. When time is of the essence, taking timely action must be performed and taken. There must be a realization that delays and procrastination are often debilitating and non – productive, and thus leaders must productively use their influence to effectively urge others either to action, or to become involved more deeply, or to care more passionately about the organization.

Understanding the many facets of leadership is often a complex procedure. However, merely because there may be challenges and certain necessary actions might force a leader to move outside his comfort zone, does not mean that one should stall or hide, but rather must, at times, be more forceful and somewhat BLUNT.



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