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Have you wanted to transform magical fragments to useful online Talismans? Then, Top WAR Online Talisman Making Guide would be a wonderful trading skill. It is commonly paired with salvaging since magical fragments are derived from it. During the early chapters, this talisman making is said to be taught and promoted by trainers beforehand which are titled and names as “Hedge Wizard”. It is different compared to other trade skills since it is not taught by an NPC wherein it states that title needs to match the skill.

The How to Do of Talisman Making

Let the making begin by getting a magical fragment from an auction house or simply from the Salvaging. Take note of the following things that are usually needed for talisman making. They are as follows.

A.) A Container
B.) Magic Essence
C.) Gold Essence

You may wonder why some makes use of curio, but don’t worry since its use is only QQSLOT777 optional. Usually, it is being included so that potential quality of the talisman that is being made as the final product would be significant. Slotting of an ideal curio in response to its highest point is a great deal.

Talisman making and its elements are most available in the person of Hedge Wizard who trains talisman making. Highest quality however is not assured. On the other hand, basic items are also carried upon by the merchants.

The procedure is that you must let the window to be opened and then the container must be put on the corner which is on the upper left side. Next, magical fragment must be added. Then, if you have gold, an essence, or a curio you could add it on. You’re done after hit fuse. The slot must be congruent on where the box must be inserted wherein the fragment is followed. The remaining three is said to be allowed to take in even not following a certain order.

Talisman Quality

Powerful and longer talismans are made out the best or better ingredients. On the other hand, talisman’s effect greatly relies on the magical fragment.

a.)The talisman’s quality is equivalent to magical fragment’s quality.
b.) The critical rate of the talisman is affected by the curio.

Talisman quality greatly affects its duration which is seen as follows.

– Eight hours duration- white
– Two days duration – green
– Five days duration – blue
– Permanent duration- purple

Ultimate WAR Online Talisman Making Guide and its critical rate affects one another. Always take time to remember that once the talisman is in its critical rate, he is capable of taking the highest quality that is above of his capacity. This means he could double up his duration or more. Another plus point is that extra strength might increase depending on the magnitude granted by the buff.

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