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When we ask people who take surveys who their favorite online survey provider is, very often we get “NPD Online Research Group” as a response. This large market research company has been around since 1967 and over the years has gained a very trustworthy reputation. As a member of their noted panel, your opinions will be valued and used to help improve products, services, websites and more. And, of course, the perks at NPD Online Research Group make it worth your while!

One of the first perks you’ll be exposed to after signing up for this safe, confidential survey site is the opportunity to win $1,000 just for registering. Someone always wins these sweepstakes; why not give it a chance to be you. Residents of the United States also will be enrolled in the SweepLand program which is designed strictly for NPD Online Research panelists. library discovery service For each paid survey completes, participants are rewarded with one entry into the sweepstake of choice – trips, electronics, and other exciting merchandise. Additionally, for each online paid survey finished participants are in the running for another $1,000. Panelists living outside the US also receive great rewards including a daily draw for $100, monthly draw for $1,000 and quarterly draw for $5,000. Regardless of where you live, increase your odds by taking more surveys.

Referring friends is another way to make money at this survey provider. Via the web site, you can send emails to family, friends and co-workers who you think may be interested in taking free surveys online. Embedded in your emails are unique URLs that let NPD Research Online track back those who join so that you will get all the credit. For each person you get to officially join and complete the member profile, you will be entered into a drawing to win $1,000.

Each day when you log onto this great choice in survey sites, check out the fun and interactive polls designed for your entertainment and information. The “Quiz Whiz” offers topical-based trivia for your enjoyment. Questions are usually very timely, for example, yesterday’s question was about Oscar history, fitting since the Academy Awards are this weekend. The “Click and Pick” section, also featured on the front page, is a fun way to see how your opinions, interests and activities stack up against others across the world. After answering a short multiple choice poll on the daily topic, you’ll get to see the poll results immediately after hitting submit.

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