Suggestions on Sponsor/Fiance/Prospective Marriage Visas in Australia

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Increasingly more Australian men find their soulmates on the other side of the globe proving that no geographical limits can stand in their way to find true love. First they Internet date, exchange photos, talk on the phone and e-mail and at last the moment comes when everything is said and it’s high time to meet the one they’ve chosen and look into her eyes in person. Many Russian and Ukrainian marriage and dating agencies are of good help on your way to pack the suitcase. On this stage many problems and questions appear.

Why can’t my lady from Russia come over to me in Australia?

How can I bring my fiancée for an introduction to my relatives over here?

What is essentially needed for an entry to Australia and what does the paperwork take?

What sort of visa is needed?

Where and how can I obtain it?

If you are interested in knowing the answers, this article is exactly for you. This article is dedicated to solving all of these and will give you the answers to most of the questions.

First and the main obstacle in the gateway out of CIS countries is not the laws of the former USSR but a visa limits and aggressive rules towards “third class” citizens that limit the entry on their borders on the developed countries’ behalf.

The entry visa processing for the lady from Ukraine or Russia is connected with various difficulties. Earlier most women got their visas rejected by Australia Embassy for different reasons – inaccurate information in visa form, absence of personal meeting proof ( such as photos and personal letters) and a lot more.

The best way to overcome such problems is to come over to your lady’s residence Ukraine updates    country and apply for a Fiancée Visa. Fiancée visa processing usually takes from 5 up to 10 months.

If you decided to marry a woman from one of the CIS countries you can also apply for a Spouse Visa (marriage in Ukraine, Russia etc.)

! Remember that you carry all responsibilities to support your fiancée and pay her medical insurance. In case you do not marry in 9 months’ period you are obliged by your embassy to pay the woman’s return ticket home.

For a Fiancée/Prospective Marriage Visa processing your woman will have to produce documents proving your meeting at least once. As a rule, it must be good quality photos of you together. The more documents confirming your close relationship you have with your lady, the better your chances for obtaining visa are.


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