It’s impossible to deny the popularity of movies in America and worldwide. Whether you rent, borrow, or go to a theater to see them, there is nothing like watching a flick with a friend or family member. The Internet is transforming the very methods in which we watch movies, so why not how we buy movie tickets? It’s a breeze to find movie tickets online, but it can be confusing to know where to go.

6Star reports that Fandango is one of the top movie ticket services, as they offer direct ticket purchasing right on their site. You can also view high definition movie trailers, rate your favorite flicks and check out behind the scenes tours of the hottest new Hollywood films.

Another movie-saturated website, Moviefone, really amps up their multimedia by providing visitors with interactive celebrity news and gossip clips, cast interviews and customized theater listings for your zip code. You can even get advanced screenings and exclusive หนังออนไลน์ video clips through Moviefone, another benefit of Net movie listings.

In an industry where millions are grossed in sales each day, it’s vital for the Web to stay on top of current trends and provide features for all the film buffs out there. Fandango’s audience and customer base grew about 16% last year, totaling out around 4 million visitors. More people are recognizing the convenience of online movie tickets and are looking past a minimal $1 surcharge to avoid long lines and disappointing sell-outs.

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