Marijuana addiction is a real problem even though many people deny that it even has the potential to be addictive at all. The reason it is such a problem is precisely because people minimize the possibility that the drug could have a negative impact on their life. gras online kaufen 

What happens with a lot of people who smoke marijuana is that they fall into a pattern of using it every day. At this point it starts to define their life and all of their activities. They stop doing things that they cannot do while they are high, such as school and education. People who are addicted to marijuana will have to use it before every activity that they engage in. For example, they will never just go to a concert or to the movies. Instead, they must get high before they do these sorts of things, otherwise they will just not enjoy it as much. Thus, the drug becomes a bit of a crutch and they will not even realize it but they have come to depend on the drug in order to feel normal.

People who use the drug every day will not generally realize that they are actually using the drug in order to deal with their feelings and regulate their mood. This is what creates the psychological dependence and that is what makes the drug addictive. People use the drug to avoid dealing with reality and they also use it to avoid having to feel anger, sadness, or frustration. Thus the drug becomes a way to self medicate and over time this turns into a real addiction.

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