If you’re looking for the best way to mix your oils of choice, look no further than the Levo 1 Oil Infuser. This top-of-the line gadget allows you to enjoy your favourite essential oils in a variety of ways, making it the perfect addition to any home. With its sleek design and easy-to-use functionality The Levo 1 Oil Infuser is the ideal method to get maximum benefit from your essential oils.

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Levo 1 Oil Infuser

The Levo 1 Oil Infuser is rapidly gaining popularity due to its simple design and easy to use. It is a top-of-the-line device which lets you use your essential oils of choice in a variety of ways, making it a ideal accessory to any home. The Levo is the best oil infuser on the market.

The Levo includes two lids: a standard lid as well as an aromatherapy lid. The regular lid can be used for everyday use, while the Aromatherapy lid lets you to maximize the benefits of the oils you use. The Levo lets you select the duration you want to infuse the oils making it easier to achieve the perfect scent every time.

Levo: How To Use It 1 Infuser

It’s very simple to use infusers . Inject your favorite oil into the Levo and choose your settings. Then, sit back and relax while the Levo is at work. You’ll be able have a pleasant, fragrant oil in no time.

The Levo is the ideal way to take advantage of essential oils. So, get one today! You’ll never regret it.

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LEVO I Cannabutter

If you’re looking to make Cannabisbutter, Levo is the perfect tool. The Levo’s easy controls and user-friendly design makes it simple to blend butter with CBD or THC within a matter of minutes. Make sure you get the perfect cannabisbutter each time with the Levo.

Essential oils are beneficial for many reasons However, they can be difficult to utilize. With the Levo oil infuser, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of essential oils in a more concentrated method. Levo lets you control how long your oils will be infused for, ensuring that you can get the perfect scent each time.

What are essential Oils?

Essential oils are liquids that have been concentrated that are made by extracts of plants. These oils have the aroma and flavor of plants as well as their advantages. Essential oils are utilized in various ways, like massage, aromatherapy, and skin treatment.

What exactly is Cannabutter?

Cannabutter can be described as a butter which has been infused with cannabis. You can create a myriad of cannabis-infused products with cannabutter, including edibles and topicals.

Cannabutter has numerous benefits. It’s infused with CBD and CBD, so you’ll be able to get all the benefits from CBD.

CBD is believed to help with pain, anxiety and inflammation.

How do you make Cannabutter?

It’s easy to make cannabutter, which is easy to make. The first step is to gather the ingredients. Butter, cannabis , and the heat-safe container you’ll need. Next melt the butter in a saucepan on low temperatures. After the butter has been melted then add the cannabis and stir until the cannabis is evenly mixed in. Then, put the lid on the pot and let it cook for 3 hours. After three hours, take off the lid and let the mix cool. After the mixture has cooled then strain it through a cheesecloth/coffe filter and into a bowl. Make sure that you squeeze all of the butter from the coffee filter and cheesecloth. Once you’ve squeezed the butter, you are able to keep it in a Jar in the fridge for up to 6 months.

Making cannabutter is a wonderful method of infusing your favorite oils with CBD. Levo offers a wide selection of oil infusers on the market that can be used to create cannabutter. There are a myriad of designs, colors, sizes and colors. All of our oil infusers have been made from top quality materials and are backed by a money-back satisfaction guarantee. What are you waiting to do? Take advantage of a Levo today!


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