Keep These 4 Tips in Mind for a Tooth-Friendly Diet

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Your brushing and flossing habits aren’t the only things affecting your oral health- what you eat has a lot to do with how healthy your teeth are. pure cbd oil Canada The chemical makeup of certain foods breaks down enamel and weakens teeth, while other foods support healthy teeth and gums by cleaning and strengthening them.

You probably already know that sugary foods are bad for your teeth, but you may not know that foods high in processed carbohydrates, like white bread and crackers, are almost as bad for your teeth as the sweet stuff. This is because the bacteria in your mouth use these carbs in much the same way as they process sugar, converting them quickly in to enamel- eroding acid. However, there are some foods that have the opposite effect by either scrubbing the teeth clean of harmful bacteria or neutralizing the acids being produced.

Here are some tips to keep in mind while planning your meals:

1. Don’t Skimp on the Dairy Products

The same calcium that helps your bones grow strong also keeps your teeth healthy. Dairy products like milk, yogurt and cheese are a great source of calcium as well as phosphorus, another vital ingredient to keeping your enamel intact. Cheese, especially harder, raw cheese, stimulates your saliva glands while chewing; saliva is your body’s natural defense against bacteria. There’s also evidence that cheese helps to neutralize acid by raising the pH balance of your mouth after eating.

2. Eat Sugars, Starches and Highly Acidic Foods During Meals

If you can’t give up your dessert and/or starchy snacks, have them only at mealtimes instead of munching in between meals. This way, the adverse effects of the sugars are somewhat diluted by the other food you eat, and hopefully washed away by your post-meal brushing and/or rinsing. The same goes for highly acidic products such as cherries, wine, and soft drinks.

3. Avoid Sticky/Gummy Candies and Sweets

Exposing your teeth to sugar for short periods of time isn’t as harmful as letting sticky, sweet foods like caramel or taffy sit in your mouth for extended lengths of time. Think of eating these foods as bathing your teeth in harmful sugary residue- if you’re going to eat sweets, you’re better off with things that can be eaten quickly.

On the same note, sipping soda or fruit juice throughout the day also means exposing your teeth to a continuous barrage of sugar. If you need some flavor in your drinks between meals, try adding fruit to sparkling water as a soda substitute.

4. End Your Meal with Fruit or Sugar Free Gum

It’s ideal, but not always practical, to brush after a meal. If your toothbrush isn’t handy, end your meal with a glass of water and a nice crunchy apple or stick of sugar-free gum. The apple will help scrub food debris from your teeth, and both the fruit and the gum will help stimulate saliva glands; saliva is your mouth’s natural defense against harmful bacteria.

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