Gatwick Airport, also popularly known as London Gatwick, is located approximately 48km towards the south of Central London. It is the second largest international airport in London. In the year 2011, nearly 34 million passengers went to and fro through Gatwick making it the second busiest airport in UK after Heathrow. Due to the significant presence of the three main types of airlines, charter, no-frills and 大澳梅窩的士 full-service, this airport is quite popular among both leisure and business travelers.Taxi shortage causing stress and frustration for wheelchair users - BBC News

To cater to the needs of passengers, a wide array of taxi services is available in Gatwick. However, their prices are highly variable. If you hire a standard taxi to Central London, you will have to shell out anything between £50 and £100. Licensed taxis normally are exempted from the congestion charge, but prior to hiring such a taxi, it is advisable to check with the company. Taxis take about an hour to reach Central London, although much depends upon the overall traffic conditions and the time of the day. All taxis operating at Gatwick Airport are metered. Nevertheless, to avoid nasty surprises, especially on a heavy traffic day, ask the taxi company to quote a price.

The taxis can be booked by either internet or phone. In both instances, you will be requested to divulge your flight details so that the driver can check the status of your flight before setting off to pick you up. For a luxurious experience, you can opt for a chauffeur-driven car instead of a standard taxi. In addition to air-conditioning and exotic upholstery, luxury taxis are usually equipped with facilities such as Wi-Fi, game consoles, newspaper and refreshments. There are some taxi companies at Gatwick Airport that will customize the taxi service at per your requirements. As compared to a standard taxi, these customized luxury taxis are expensive.

Parking charges at the airport are quite high, and the taxi company will charge an additional fee, if for any reason, the driver has to wait for you in the parking lot. A better option will be to exchange the mobile numbers and ask the driver to wait outside, while you drag your luggage out of the Arrival Hall. In times of high security alert, this option may not be available, and you will have to bear the extra expense.

All taxis at Gatwick Airport are licensed and fully insured. It is mandatory for them to have a functional GPS (Global Positioning System) device. Additionally, upon request, they provide child seats or swivel seats, at no extra cost. There are more than 600 taxi companies at Gatwick Airport. In a bid to allure customers, the service providers often offer exciting discount and membership packages. If you are a frequent traveler, these offers will surely help you to save a lot of money.

A trip to Great britain is never complete without visiting High Wycombe. The town is situated in Buckinghamshire valley and has an amazing countryside. It is a great spot for travellers notably because of its close proximity to the London metropolis. The town was a hub for furniture trade during the period between 1700 and 1800.

When visiting London for business or pleasure, visitors often find taxis the one of the most convenient methods of moving around the city. There are myriad taxi companies that operate in London, and it is important to find an ideal taxi service and sticking to it. Not all the taxi services offer the same quality of service. A bad experience with a taxi company might completely ruin the visit to London.

The drive to Heathrow airport from High Wycombe can easily turn a visitor into a tourist. One of the attractions along the way is the Little Market House, which is commonly known as ‘the Pepper pot. ‘ The Heathrow airport taxi can wait as a visitor tours the famous spot. Directly opposite the little Market House is the Guildhall. There is an annual celebration that takes place there with the purpose of scrutinizing the expenditure of Charter Trustees. The celebration is to determine whether the trustees have used public funds for personal expenses.

Drivers of Heathrow airport taxis have an in-depth knowledge of the city and can easily direct visitors to other popular tourist spots. Once a visitor is satisfied with the tour of the Pepper pot and Guildhall, the next step is to head into the city museum. The museum has a stunning array of art that showcases the craftsmanship of local artists. The building’s 18th century design prepares visitors for many historical relics, but the museum has some surprises, too. The museum is equipped with ultramodern display devices, which turn from simple displays to interactive shops from where souvenirs can be bought. After a visitor has had enough of the museum, a Heathrow taxi drives them to ‘The Rye. ‘

It is a stunning artificial lake right in the city. It has been made even livelier by the beach woods that surround it. The lake is very exciting during the summer, since it offers opportunities to go fishing or boating. Taking Heathrow taxis will surely make a visit to London an experience to remember. It is difficult to fight off the urge to have a good time at some of London’s tourist attractions since most of them are so close to the city.

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