Human Beings. We are wonderfully complex creatures.

So, why are so many of us offering the impression that this is not a desirable condition? Why are there those who want others to believe they are not complex, at all? At the moment, I am referencing “on-line dating”, but we see it on television, in movies, and, more and more, in our daily interactions.

There are countless profiles, on-line, containing the phrases ” No drama” and “No baggage”. I hate throwing blanket statements around (I really do; they are a pet-peeve of mine), but the overwhelming preponderance of this occurrence exists in men’s profiles. Have they really thought about what kind of woman would meet that criteria?

It is my opinion that the answer to that is a resounding “NO”!

I have taken it as my personal mission to, hopefully, inspire some consideration of this request.

I do not know about you, but I have never met anyone, in my whole life, that has complete control over anything. From our own interactions, on countless levels, that influence and are influenced by our psychological, emotional, and hormonal status, at any given moment, to the fact that none of us have any control over the traffic, weather, or the stock market, it would seem more realistic to simply request someone be functional!

Again, I ask: What kind of person has no drama in their life? What kind of life has been lived that has not accumulated baggage?

No drama would require, by sheer definition, that nothing is happening. While, yes, some drama is destructive, I would rather live with that than have a life that is empty of the passion, desire, anticipation, excitement, joy, and surprise that my life has experienced. By the way, not much living is going on if nothing is happening!

No baggage would require a past to which  Dramacool love, caring, sentiment, or regret are no longer connected. That is convenient. That is, also, a condition, most commonly, presented in psychopaths.

Think about it. Do you really want someone, anyone, in your life that does not have drama or baggage?

While you are at it, think about this, also. If you have presented yourself as “… just a simple man” there is a very good chance that many of us (women) interpret that as boring or worse; as your complete lack of self-awareness. I am not attempting to speak for all of us, but a lot of us know, for a fact, that it is HUMANS, not just women, who are complicated and multi-dimensional and most of us want a man a man with depth who knows, understands, and appreciates this splendid aspect of humanity!


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