Initially I objected to my child coming home asking for the latest Christmas toy that turned out to be called Bananagrams. How could something with such a silly name be of any value?

I like to buy Christmas toys for my children that meet two criteria.

1. They must be educational and

2. They must have the ability to keep them quite for long enough to give me a break in the frenzy that is described as Christmas in our house.

My local toyshop had run out when I went to make my purchase, so I ordered my Bananagrams online in haste, just to make sure I got it, as the price was reasonable for a Christmas toy. Well I have to say it was the best few bucks I have ever spent, and here’s why.

Bananagrams is the simplest of concepts. a very basic word construction game, but I do believe that it is the simplicity that makes it so enjoyable for children and adults alike.

I have tried scrabble with the family on so many occasions, and I don’t know whether it’s just my kids, but I can’t keep them interested long enough to complete a game. It is just not fast moving enough to keep them involved.

However, with the bananagram game my children are now having fun while learning. They are playing with vowels and consonants instead of Barbie and Ben. They are learning about the alphabet. They are building focus and concentration, because in this game (unlike scrabble) they are rewarded for speed. They do not need to hang around while Grandma takes ages at her go. Everyone plays at the same time, which reduces family arguments and keeps them focussed.

There is no board, pen or paper. You just need somewhere flat like a table. So it is great for camping, bringing out with you to restaurants (it fits into your handbag), and bringing along to the park or beach.

Bananagrams is not just for Christmas.

I have noticed that the standard of How to construct great arguments words my children are now constructing has improved dramatically from when they first started playing. In fact some evenings when I just can’t settle them into doing their reading homework, I get out bananagrams. They don’t see it as learning.

Here are a couple of tips if you want to get it for your Children this Christmas


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